All videos can be used at no charge by media, the meetings and travel industry and partners of Stockholm Business Region and its subsidiaries in order to present or promote Stockholm as a tourist destination and investment location. The stockshots can be used in media productions and be edited freely. The promotional show reels must not be edited.


  1. Stockholm winter views

  2. Great Ideas T...Short version

  3. Culture Festival

  4. Stockholm Archipelago/Scenery

  5. Meet the growing Stockholm

  6. Christmas in Stockholm

  7. Gamla Stan/The Old Town

  8. Stockholm Scenic Views

  9. Stockholm Aerial Views

  10. The City Hall

  11. Skeppsholmen

  12. Tele2 Arena/Ericsson Globe

  13. Winter views

  14. Great Ideas Travel Fast

  15. Hammarby Sjöstad

  16. Night views

  17. Stockholm smile

  18. Friends Arena

  19. Growing Stockholm

  20. Djurgården

  21. Kastellholmen

  22. Kungsträdgården

  23. Stockholms Stadion

  24. Stockholm views spring/summer

  25. Stockholm Archipelago/Town

  26. Stockholm Archipelago/Villages

  27. Offshore race in Stockholm

  28. World Triathlon Stockholm

  29. Stockholm Stadion event

  30. Stockholm waterways

  31. Stockholm Archipelago/Wildlife